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Applying Biblical Values to Your Life and Business.

Applying Biblical Values to Your Life and Your Business

Do you struggle with finding a balance between having a relationship with God, prioritizing your family and friends and running a successful business? I am here to guide you, teach you and hold you accountable to reach balance and blessings in your areas of calling. You will begin with the Assessments and a "Business Needs Analysis." Setting yourself up for a Successful Future and a Successful Business. Prioritizing Family, Relationships and Running a Successful Business is no easy feat. However, by taking my Online Assessment and scheduling a Discovery Call, we will prayerfully identify what type of support is best suited to help you meet your goals. Whether you need Group Coaching, the Online Academy or One-on-One Mentoring, I am here to see you grow and succeed.

Group Coaching

Join our online community. Various group coaching programs are available through out the year. Whether you are looking for identity, purpose, or direction in your personal or professional life, I am are here for you.

Start with the Online Assessment. Next, schedule your Discovery Call and let's get started.


Take the Online Assessments and then schedule your Discovery Call so we can collaborate using my individually customized one-on-one mentorship program.

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What is Women's Business Coaching?

Why Christian Life Coaching?

Sometimes we don’t have the confidence, resources, knowledge, education or support to know where to even begin.

That is where I come in…I am here to teach you, provide the tools and support you as you discover and utilize your God-given talents. We will work together to build a blueprint to your success. We will approach your business from a "Proverbs Woman" perspective. We will live in our identity in Christ and embrace our God-given gifts, sharing them in a way that blesses, us, our families and those around us. As Women, we face unique challenges and we bring special insights in all areas of our personal and professional lives.

As women, we all have gifts and talents that are our very own. I will guide you in discovering those gifts and talents and growing in them. My Online Academy, Mentorship Program and variety of workshops and courses are designed to build a strong foundation and empower your mind, body, spirit and business in a way that is grounded in Biblical principals, sound professional research and education, practical insight and my unique perspective and experience.

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About Me

I take a one-of-kind holistic approach to provide business training, Biblical tools, and success coaching for women. Empowering female entrepreneurs to implement and execute steps towards achieving their goals.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Education, a ministry ordination, a number of fitness certifications, along with almost three decades of entrepreneurial business experience.

I have learned to focus on the triumphs and not to stay broken by the trials. I believe in the power of faith, hope, and love in the face of great opposition. Remaining dauntless is difficult but God gives us the grace we need every day to achieve His will in our lives.

My concepts, courses, and mentorship programs lead to a stronger identity in Christ, a clearer vision, healthier relationships, a balanced life!


"I am a personal coach. I came to Eleni to collaborate on a project. The ideas just flow when Eleni and I work together. Working together is such a blessing! Not only that, but she gives great advice from a professional, personal and a biblical perspective. We have also worked together for a number of years in the wellness industry and I have seen many who have transformed to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle with her guidance. "

“I have years of experience in my industry. However, many times I would lose the sale to someone less qualified. I came to her in a state of frustration. Her calm and confident demeanor along with her encouragement led to my success: After specific instruction, encouragement and step-by-step coaching from Eleni, I landed my very next contract and it was worth $30,000. Furthermore, she cares about you as a person. She seeks to give you insight into finding balance and prioritizing what is most important in life."

"Eleni' will pray with you, talk to you, listen, evaluate, pray some more and then offer her insights and whether it is balance in your professional and personal life you seek or you are launching a business her wisdom on a personal and spiritual level and her understanding of effective business and marketing strategies, are of great benefit to anyone who works with her. For example: I now have a more effective website. The branding and the message are more reflective of my business thanks to her feedback."

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

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