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Hello, my name is Eleni. I want to take a moment to share my qualifications in an approachable and relatable manner. However, I also want to be completely transparent and vulnerable with you in a way that leaves me slightly terrified. You will get to know who I am today: The woman God has shaped me and molded me into over time. Yet, you also get to go on a journey with me through valleys, storms, heartbreaks, victories, joys, triumphs and you get to see the light that has grown out of darkness and despair. This sharing of myself is truly intimidating. Being this vulnerable with my sister's in Christ who I have yet to meet or speak to face-to-face is unnerving. However, I am willing to take this leap of faith because I trust God and truly believe that this is my calling: being here and sharing a message that is meant for you. So, I will start with the basic "stuff" first and then I will give you a glimpse into my past, my present and my future. Thank you for staying and taking this journey with me.

I have a somewhat eclectic philosophy on life. My Spiritual views are Christian and my business training approach is holistic and one-of-kind. I provide Biblical tools, and success coaching for women. Empowering female entrepreneurs to implement and execute steps towards achieving their goals. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education, a ministry ordination, a number of fitness certifications, along with almost three decades of entrepreneurial business experience. I have learned to focus on the triumphs and not to stay broken by the trials. I believe in the power of faith, hope, and love in the face of great opposition. Remaining dauntless is difficult but God gives us the grace we need every day to achieve His will in our lives. My concepts, courses, and mentorship programs lead to a stronger identity in Christ, a clearer vision, healthier relationships, a balanced life!

The Lord put my calling on my heart while I was in my early twenties. I have always wanted to share God's love and message of hope and healing with the world. I believe His love is transformational and I am here to share in that purpose and calling. Transformational coaching is just one tiny piece of the big picture. I have survived much loss, grief, heartache and tragedy in my life. Yet, I still find hope in Him. He is my one constant. I struggled to fit in (decided I did not and learned to be o.k. with that at a young age). I am first generation Canadian-American Greek. I was born in Canada, raised in America and grew up entrenched in Greek culture. I love my rich heritage. My parents came to this country with their hopes and dreams. They raised my brother and I on my dad's factory job income and my mom stayed home. I dealt with racism (I was the foreigner who dressed funny). I was shy and awkward, near-sighted and quiet.

I am happy to say that my parents instilled a strong work ethic in me. Along with that strong work ethic they instilled a deep faith and strong sense of love and compassion for other people. My Father had a 5th grade education and my mother received vocational training as a cosmetologist upon graduating the 7th grade in Greece. My parents were very proud when I went to college and graduated with a Master's Degree in Education. I was one of the last one's in the extended family to get married. I was 32. I struggled to conceive. Finally, having one beautiful daughter after 5 years of various procedures. A few years later, I was given the terrifying news that I had very invasive breast cancer. The treatments and the surgeries left me weak, tired, depressed and drained. In the midst of all the struggles God was there through chemo, two mastectomies and much more. He was always there for me. He was there as I helplessly, watched both my parents take their last breath. The Lord was there as I fasted and prayed and as I witnessed the destruction of my marriage and when I listened in disbelief as I was told my best friend had died very unexpectedly.

I have experienced soul-numbing isolation and heart wrenching pain, yet, God has always been here for me ever-whispering to me and calling out over my deafening pain. I have learned to wait for the good to come out of the pain and give Him the Glory. I have learned to ask others to help me carry the burdens that I could not bear alone. I have never completely given up on faith, hope and love. In the end, these three remain. I pray that my message and my experiences will encourage you and inspire you to new heights of personal and professional growth and that your faith, hope and love will increase and spread to others around you. God bless you and thank you for reading a small part of my story. I look forward to being part of your journey as we share this road together where our paths have intersected. Be transformed!

Sincerely, Eleni


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What is Christian Life and Business Coaching ?

Why Coaching for Women?

As females, we face unique challenges and we bring special insights in all areas of our personal and professional lives. We all have gifts and talents that are our very own. I will guide you in discovering those gifts and talents and growing in them. My Online Academy, Mentorship Program and variety of workshops and courses are designed to build a strong foundation and empower your mind, body, spirit and business in a way that is grounded in Biblical principals, sound professional research and education, practical insight and my unique perspective and experience. I believe I am called to encourage, support, educate, collaborate with other women of God and that we are all here to help nurture each other as we grow in our faith and wisdom daily. That is why I am passionate about my calling and coaching.

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I enjoy meeting other female entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs and sisters in Christ. I have an empowering experience to share and a powerful message to impart that I hope will speak to you, bless you, encourage you and propel you into the next steps of your journey! I am available for public speaking engagements, podcasts, and women's ministry events. Live in your purpose. Build your vision. Build your business. Build your life. God bless you and I look forward to meeting you soon.


"I am a personal coach. I came to Eleni to collaborate on a project. The ideas just flow when Eleni and I work together. Working together is such a blessing! Not only that, but she gives great advice from a professional, personal and a biblical perspective. We have also worked together for a number of years in the wellness industry and I have seen many who have transformed to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle with her guidance. "

"I have years of experience in my industry. However, many times I would lose the sale to someone less qualified. I came to her in a state of frustration. Her calm and confident demeanor along with her encouragement led to my success: After specific instruction, encouragement and step-by-step coaching from Eleni, I landed my very next contract and it was worth $30,000. Furthermore, she cares about you as a person. She seeks to give you insight into finding balance and prioritizing what is most important in life."

"Eleni' will pray with you, talk to you, listen, evaluate, pray some more and then offer her insights and whether it is balance in your professional and personal life you seek or you are launching a business her wisdom on a personal and spiritual level and her understanding of effective business and marketing strategies, are of great benefit to anyone who works with her. For example: I now have a more effective website. The branding and the message are more reflective of my business thanks to her feedback."

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